Current Ambassadors

Our JCAs always strive for excellence, innovation & professional development. Read below to learn about our amazing members and how they continually seek out new experiences to help the CJC and the students within it excel to new heights.

Elisabell Velazquez, class of 2021. Elisabell is involved in WUFT, Noticias WUFT, UF NBS, and NAHJ. She served as a Legal Communications Intern with the State Attorney’s Office for the 13th Judicial Circuit.

Parker Christian, class of 2021, JCA President. Parker is involved in AD Society and has worked for Focus Real Estate as a Marketing Coordinator.

Jewelia Bradley, class of 2021. Jewelia has interned for the City of Pensacola & FIS Global.

Jolie Freedman, class of 2022. Jolie worked as an intern at the Conversationalist.

Danielle Bass, class of 2022. Danielle works for the Agency and Elevate and has served as a marketing intern for Caterpillar.

Kara Guillaume, class of 2022. Kara is involved in The Agency, GHQ and PRSSA.

Sarah Kate Dyson, class of 2022. Sarah Kate has worked for The Alligator and ESPN WRUF.

Samantha Chery, class of 2022. Samantha is involved in NABJ, Atrium, Knight Division, WUFT-TV and Dean’s Student Advisory Council. She has worked as a features/entertainment intern at the South Florida Sun Sentinel and a development intern at Peaceful Paths Domestic Abuse Network.

Maya Naim, class of 2022. Maya is involved in WUFT and served as a Comcast Public Relations Intern.

Lily Girton, class of 2022. Lily has worked for The Independent Florida Alligator and the Agency and has served as a copyeditor at Vectorworks.

Gabriella Mercurio, class of 2022. Gabriella is involved in WUFT and The Lede.

Meleah Lyden, class of 2022. Meleah has worked for WUFT News, Fresh Take Florida and The Independent Florida Alligator.

Summerlyn Murray, class of 2022. Summerlyn is involved in The Agency and has served as an intern for NBC Sports Group — The Golf Channel.

Sofia Mingote, class of 2022, JCA Vice President. Sofia has worked for National Public Radio, WUFT-FM; WUFT; and The Lede. She also served as a Legislative Intern in the Florida House of Representatives and came in second place in the Hearst Radio Broadcast Competition.

Lexington Olsen, class of 2022. Lexington worked as a social media advertising intern at Balance180.

Julia Mitchem, class of 2022. Julia has served as the President and Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus UFL and has been involved in Atrium, NLGJA at UF, Florida Magazine Student Association, WUFT, The Independent Florida Alligator and Association for Media Professionals. She also worked as a Freelance Shopping Writer for BuzzFeed, a Marketing & Content Creation Intern for Wholy Dose, a Community Management Intern for Her Campus Media, a Social Media Intern for White Lion Literary Agency, and a Photojournalism & Editorial Intern for Tower Publications.

Victoria Baldwin, class of 2022. Victoria has worked for The Agency and Deutsch NY.

Chloe Dougherty, class of 2022. Chloe is involved in Alpha PRoductions and PRSSA and has served as a social media intern for Lone Star Gator Club.

Angelica Jones, class of 2022, JCA Treasurer. Angelica has served as the president and mentor of Association for Media Professionals. She’s worked as a member of the digital team for Gov. DeSantis, a Newsmax social media assistant, a communications and marketing intern at Media Research Center, and a social media specialist for the Donald J. Trump for President 2020 campaign.

Jordyn Kalman, class of 2022. Jordyn has worked for WUFT, The Independent Florida Alligator and the UF Environmental Justice Media Intensive. In addition, she has served as a reporting intern at the Osprey Observer.

Avery Lotz, class of 2023, JCA Director of External Affairs. Avery has served as a features editor and news writer for Her Campus UFL and has written for The Independent Florida Alligator and Atrium Magazine. She has worked for Brown & Brown, Inc., as a Communications, Brand & Digital Intern.

Kara Moletteire, class of 2023. Kara is involved in Alpha PRoductions.

Callie Carpinteri, class of 2023. Callie is involved in Chompics Productions and has worked as a Development and Production Intern at Artemis Pictures, Creative Engine Entertainment and Content Superba.

Hannah Rodriguez, class of 2023. Hannah is involved in Elevate! and has served as her sorority public relations chair and as a social media manager for a local restaurant.

Dayna Maloney, class of 2023. Dayna is involved in Elevate! and served as a social media intern for Autism After 21, a nonprofit helping those on the spectrum to gain independence and develop personal skills.

Emily Palazzotto, class of 2023. Emily has worked for WUFT and is involved in th National Association of Broadcast Journalists.

Kristen Johnson, class of 2023. Kristen is involved in The Ad Society and is a J-School undergraduate research assistant.