JCA’s founding president, Katie Reid, initiated the effort to create a professional organization to represent the University of Florida’s College of Journalism and Communications when she had difficulty getting into JOU 3101: Reporting.

After trying unsuccessfully for two semesters using UF’s Integrated Student Information System (ISIS), Reid, was told to show up at a lab to see if instructors could fit her in for the Summer C 2003 session.

When five students showed up for one spot in the lab, the instructor chose to draw from a hat to determine who could stay. Thinking this was a ridiculous selection process, Reid chose to do something about it.

“That was just one of many problems in the college,” Reid said. “It represented the lack of quality in the atmosphere of the College Journalism and Communications, which doesn’t align with the integrity of the college’s academic program.”

In spring 2003, after Reid made a proposal to the college’s administrative council, the Journalism and Communications Ambassadors became a bonafide UF student organization.

Since then, JCA has been an integral part of the CJC’s interactions with alumni, students and prospective students.

(Source: Laura J. Davis, JCA 2003)