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UF JCA: The official ambassadors to the UF College of Journalism & Communications

What We Do

Serving the UF College of Journalism and Communications for over 20 years.

Family & group tours

JCAs are the official tour guides of the UF College of Journalism & Communications. We offer guided in-person and virtual tours of the college and its facilities!

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Academic Help

Looking to review key concepts before an upcoming exam in one of your CJC classes? JCAs offer review sessions for the following courses: RTV 2100, ADV 3203, ADV 4101, JOU 2005, JOU 3109C, JOU 3101.


Recruitment & Events

You might catch us at tabling at Weimer Hall or at local volunteer events!

About JCA

The Journalism and Communications Ambassadors are dedicated to promoting the mission and standards of excellence of the college by giving all students access to opportunities for both academic and personal development.

Our Values

We strive to represent the integrity, diversity, and academic excellence found throughout the CJC. We uphold a standard that promotes leadership, accountability, and service among our members.

As the official ambassadors to the UF J-School, we are committed to fostering a spirited environment and championing beloved school traditions that reinforce a sense of community and belonging for all CommuniGators.

We believe in the power of a great story. Our members are passionate and dedicated to sharing their individual experiences at the CJC for the enrichment of fellow Gators, faculty, alumni, and prospective UF students.

We are proud to welcome all people to Weimer Hall and show what the CJC has to offer. We support the CJC’s diversity goals by attracting and engaging a diverse body of high-caliber prospective students.

What's YOUR CJC Story?

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