20+ years of excellence

Our Story

The Journalism and Communication Ambassadors were founded by Katie Reid, a journalism major who saw the need for an organization that represented the student body of the college and the college itself.

After presenting her proposal to the college’s administrative council in the spring of 2003, the JCA’s became an official UF student organization with Katie serving as its first president.

Since then, JCAs have become an integral part of the college’s interactions with alumni, students, and prospective students.

Our Mission

The Journalism and Communications Ambassadors are dedicated to promoting the mission and standards of excellence of the University of Florida’s College of Journalism & Communications by giving all students at the college access to resources and opportunities for academic and personal development.


The ambassadors:

· Collaborate with faculty, student organizations and administration of the college

· Personally host visiting professionals and alumni

· Welcome potential students visiting the college

· Provide peer mentorship via the CJC PATHS Program

· Offer tutoring services to CJC students




 JCAs stand at our virtual front door, welcoming students in, and I am grateful that they’re there. They show students what is possible at the College of Journalism and Communications. They are excellent guides, mentors, and examples for potential and new students, showing them that it’s great to be a CJC Gator!– Dean Hub Brown