Weimer Hall Tour Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is designed to ensure each guest of Weimer Hall maintains behavior that contributes to the safety and comfort of each visitor, staff and faculty members, upholds CJC institutional expectations and provides a meaningful positive tour experience for all.

Tour guests must read all expectations thoroughly and sign the acknowledgement section to qualify for a tour.

  • Noise
    • The tours are conducted during business hours, and classes, meetings, or broadcasts may be in session.  All guests are requested to keep noise to a courteous minimal.
    • Speakers, yelling, and other forms of loud noise are prohibited.
  • Harassment/ Discrimination/Retaliation
    • The College of Journalism and Communications prohibits discrimination, harassment, or retaliation in any form – verbal, physical, or visual.  This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Profanity, hate, or threatening speech
      • Probing questions regarding a tour guide’s political, religious, or personal beliefs.
      • Inappropriate touching or gesturing
  • Building Facilities
    • Unauthorized use of any equipment or furniture owned and operated by the college and occupying or attempting to occupy spaces outside of common areas is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • Touching/Handling equipment without approval
      • Moving or rearranging building furniture
      • Entering personal office spaces or cubicles without approval
      • Removing documents or items from personal spaces without approval
  • Videoing/ Filming/Photos* of Weimer Hall

*General photos are permitted. Photos of people or proprietary information/property are not permitted without consent

  • The College of Journalism and Communications prohibits unauthorized recording of the tour and following areas:
    • Innovation News Center
    • Personal offices or cubicles
    • Tour guides, staff, faculty without verbal/written consent
    • If you would like to view video footage of Weimer Hall facilities, you may visit our website at www.jou.ufl.edu  or request a virtual tour at jca.jou.ufl.edu
  • Violation of the tour code of conduct may result in the following:
    • Discontinuation of tour
    • Notification to UPD
    • Weimer Hall access restricted